The Spiked Crab Spider

For some reason, I am always walking into spider webs. Even I’m never paying attention, or these spider webs are just everywhere. When I started walking through one on our back deck a few months ago, in my face was this little guy:

2012-10-26 22.17.07


Creepy, right? Have you ever seen such a thing? It is literally a cross between a crab and a spider. So when I Google’d those words, it turns out, this spider has a myriad of names. Scientifically, it is “Gasteracantha cancriformis.”¬†And more commonly (and easier to pronounce), it is called the “spiny orbweaver spider.” Evidently they’re found all over the world in warm climates and don’t live very long.

2012-10-26 22.19.27


2012-10-26 22.18.01