CNN’s “Crimes of the Century” Series

Anyone that knows me or has read this blog will not be surprised when they hear my fascination with CNN’s newest documentary series, “Crimes of the Century.” Right up my alley, to say the very least.

The show airs on Sunday nights (like pretty much all of my DVR’d shows including “Breaking Bad” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”) so I don’t always catch the show until it airs a repeat late on Sunday evenings. The show has so far featured cases such as the DC Sniper, the John Lennon assassination, Andrea Yates’ drowning of her five children, the attempted assassination of President Reagan, the story of Amanda Knox, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the most recent: Waco, TX.

What’s interesting to me are not the cases that I remember living through in terror (DC Sniper, for one), but the ones that I was alive for but was too young to know what was going on. For instance, I remember when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened; we happened to be living in Kansas. I knew that a building was bombed, and that a man named Timothy McVeigh had a bomb in a yellow Ryder truck. (For years afterward I remember saying, “There’s the truck Timothy McVeigh had!” every time I saw a Ryder. Leave it to me as a child to point out something like that.) Anyway, I was about five years old when the instance in Waco happened, but do not remember ever knowing anything about it. And Praise God I didn’t.

Because today, I watched that episode on Waco, and it was one of the most disturbing crime documentaries I have ever watched. I’ve been thinking about it all night and I can’t shake this sickening feeling I have in my stomach over it all.

And it’s weird, because I was thinking about writing something in here about Timothy McVeigh, and it just so happens that the “event that set him off” was what happened in Waco. I had heard that in another documentary I watched on him on Netflix called “The McVeigh Tapes” but never had anything I watched or read gone into detail about what really went on in Waco two years prior to the bombing. Very little information actually exists about Timothy McVeigh, and while most people probably do not care about knowing what he was thinking, I actually find it interesting. More on him to come later. Stay tuned.

The events that happened over the 51-day period in 1993 in Waco were evidently eye-witnessed by Timothy McVeigh himself, and that is what sent him into his tailspin of wanting to “get back at the American government.” Well, after watching this 45-minute documentary on Waco, I myself have gone into a tailspin thinking about how such a sick event could take place in the world we live in today. (Well, 20 years ago, anyway.) This was not, to me, a “sick” event as McVeigh saw it — the “government’s fault killing ‘innocent’ people” — but sick in that there are people out there like David Koresh who can somehow have that much power over others to the point that he had completely brainwashed them. (Not to mention thinking the brutal execution of nearly 20 children was okay.)

I don’t want to rehash in my mind, or on this blog, what happened in Waco, but I’d be interested to know other people’s thoughts on it, especially those that were old enough to remember this case as it was unfolding. Did any one else see this episode of “Crimes of the Century” and what were your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “CNN’s “Crimes of the Century” Series

  1. I remember the situation but not in detail because I had a baby and a 6 year old. To me it is just another sad story of mans inhumanity to man. Nothing much surprises me anymore and though it was horrifying at the time it seems no worse than the other horrific stories that have happened since. Sad world but there are still good people put there!

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  2. I paid very close attention to what happened.
    The very kindest thing you could say about law enforcement is that they were caught lying about the fire. They pumped the buildings full of explosive cs gas, and then threw flashback grenades in that caused the fires.

    That’s facts in evidence, as per the trials.
    So, if the Davidians didn’t start the fires, as was proven via physical evidence. don’t you think a closer inspection of events might be warranted?
    Sadly the Oklahoma event was the only thing approaching justice that came out of the Waco disaster.

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