13 thoughts on “Dateline’s “Deadly Desire” 05/03/13

    1. Emmet Corrigan was a cocky guy who was going to show off to Kandi by pushing her husband, who then drew his gun and shot him. Rob took his gun as a precaution in case Emmet had a gun with him. Emmet could have gotten in his truck and driven off but he wanted to show up Rob by pushing him down in front of his wife. Of all the immorals in this case Emmet was number 1, having a pregnant wife and 5 kids at home. Rob should have testified. Hope he gets an appeal or a new trial.

      1. You have a point, Laurence. However, I’m not sure it’s relevant to place a ranking on the immoral-ness of these people. Any parties participating in an affair are equally immoral and selfish in my mind, but you’re right in that Emmet’s wife was pregnant, and had five young children, certainly magnifies the situation.

  1. I recognize Kandie Hall!! I am from SLC, Ut and can’t figure out how I know her? I had the atty Tom Branch for different legal matters from 2000-2007. Maybe at his firm? Not sure. Driving me crazy. Where is she now?!? What does she do? I left Ut in 2012 for Fla.

      1. Kandi steals from her job and cheats on her husband and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about all those innocent children left in her destructive wake. What a selfish woman! Also I believe she is lying about the last moments before Emmett was shot when she said she didn’t see what happened,but heard the Pop pop pop” Funny how she saw everything else.I think she was trying to cover for her husband. You can tell she is lying by the way she looks down and to the side when talking about that portion.She is where she deserves to be. In jail for 14 years for fraud.

  2. Ahem…I stumbled upon your blog after being alerted about the many inconsistencies and untruths about the Rob and Kandi Hall story you wrote.
    First, ALL of your questions will be answered in a major book that will spill the whole truth of the affairs, the cover-ups by Ada County, the forensics blunders, how Rob was betrayed, and much more. Dateline did not begin to tell all. In fact, they skewed so much of it that they made Kandi seem foolish and unfeeling, which is totally false. The latest Dateline update was no better. Ashlee Corrigan is not an innocent victim. Emmett was a philandering, ego maniac from way back who was disturbed and a ticking time bomb.

    Rob is a victim of a wrongful conviction. After months of investigation, I’m convinced. Go to https://thetruecrimescene.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/idaho-love-affair-ended-in-murder/ for more information.

    The truth is coming!

    Jilly Prather

    1. Jilly, thanks for your tweet and comment. Please see my disclaimer at the top of ALL of my “true crime” write ups on this blog: I write these based on what is presented in the episodes. That is all. If there is more information out there, I’d love to hear it, but I only write based on what is presented.

  3. Bring on the Book!!! I am looking forward to a good read! There’s people like this Taylor gal that are going to be rattled by all of this. Maybe then people will have some truth to write.

    1. Helen, this “Taylor gal” (aka, me) has a disclaimer at the top of all of my “true crime” write ups on this blog, and that is that I write these reactions based on what is presented on the television episode. I don’t claim to know anymore than what was already presented, unless I’m informed otherwise.

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