In Loving Memory

Leslie G. Sherman


It’s been six years since the massacre that took so many innocent lives. In some ways, the thoughts and pain I feel about it all feel like it all happened yesterday, but in other ways, it feels as though it’s been an entire lifetime. This picture has hung in my townhouse I shared right after Leslie’s death, it hung in the apartment I lived in alone during my senior year of college. It hung in my room when I temporarily stayed with a sorority sister after college. It hung in my bathroom in the first apartment I had downtown. It hung in my bathroom again near the mirror in my studio apartment in Thornton Park. And now, in the house I share with my husband, it hangs on the wall outside of our bedroom.

Her picture serves not to remind me of her death, but of how she lived. It serves to remind me to pray for her family. I think of her often; not just when I see her picture. But this way, every morning when I open up my bedroom door, I see her in such a great way. And the ironic part is, is that this picture was taken in the very same place I last saw her alive.

2013-04-14 20.32.58


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