6 thoughts on “Dateline’s Report, “The Stranger” (3/17/13)

    1. I think you just cannot be so trusting of people like she was. This is why we teach our children at a young age to be wary of strangers and certainly, do not take them into your home. She was playing with fire by doing that and it cost her her life.

  1. I watched that episode as well…and it was a bit anticlimatic for me. They led us on for 1.5 hours saying it was “such a mystery” when in the end, they knew “the end”. So that was a bit frustrating. And I think it is wise to question what the murderer tells as “the story” when they are the only one left to report it. They can spin it however works to their advantage for a lesser sentence. I would not believe all he says…oh, and BTW, Jodias Arias trial is perfect example of this. I don’t believe ANYTHING much of what she says happened. But, I also think she has serious “head issues”…like being a sociopath.

    1. YES! I was actually going to mention Jodi Arias too, as there are SO many examples of that happening when the killer is the only one left to tell the story. I figured I would save my Jodi Arias comments for another post — that is a novel in itself!

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