The Ultimate Mess Up

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Barnes and Noble to look for a few old fashioned, actually printed books. (As opposed to iPad books, of course.) We split up and he went to the fiction section while I went upstairs. After finding me a half-hour later in the “True Crime” section (naturally), we moved over the “reference” section which included my favorite (or maybe it’s second favorite, depending on my mood) section, “Writing.”

So many to choose from. Books on writing poetry, scripts, novels. AP, Chicago, and MLA style guides. Books on how to be a freelance writer. (That may be relevant to my current situation?!) Books on grammar, spelling, punctuation. In any case, you get the picture.

Now look at this picture and tell me what is wrong.


If you can’t tell, it’s “grammar” spelled “grammer” in the Writing section of Barnes and Noble. And in case one mess up wasn’t enough, the shelf below contained the same error.


Really?! I know I said I had a long way to go when it came to writing (since I’m apparently not editor-material), but I just could not pass up this mistake. It is too good and too funny. Way to go Barnes and Noble. Please refer to the spine of the books in this section for correct spelling of the word “grammar.”


Please, challenge me!

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