I Think It May Be an Appropriate Time to Announce…

Adding to my list of things I have done in the last year or so (getting rejected from my dream post-graduate school, waitressing, then quitting waitressing, now working from home), I purposefully left out the biggest thing that happened to me. Besides getting a “no-you’re-not-admitted-to-Columbia” letter (of course that was the biggest thing that happened to me, duh), I also got engaged and married! I did have that included in yesterday’s news post, but then I got sucked into a huge wedding side car and I had to remove it. A wedding post is probably better suited for another day.

And today is the perfect day.

We’ve been married six months to the day today!

0182Taylor Ryan Wedding

I know, can you believe it? We actually survived each other, against all odds. And more importantly, he hasn’t tried to kill me yet. And he didn’t throw me overboard on our Mediterranean cruise honeymoon! (Yes, these things have happened to real people. There goes my first murder-mystery reference… get used to it now because I tend to do it often.)

But in all sincerity, six months ago today was the best day of both our lives. I pretty much single-handedly put together a 104-person wedding on a $10,000 budget in five months while working two jobs seven days a week. Looking back, I do not know how I did it. I guess that’s why my dad kept saying how “proud” he was of me during our father/daughter dance. And to think I thought he was proud of me for actually finding a man who could deal with me, because prior to my now husband, I couldn’t! My dad was the only man in my life who did not leave me, yet he couldn’t stand me either! Turns out, there was someone who maybe cannot stand me at times, but still choose to make that vow to not leave me! Yay.

I had a flower-less wedding and I could not have been more happy with my decision. We were married in a garden (Harry P. Leu Gardens), so I mean, hello — there’s $750 worth of flowers included in our rental fee for the space right there. Perfect. My mother made my bouquet out of fake hydrangeas and broaches.  The bridesmaids had feather bouquets with crystals throughout. And I have all of them proudly displayed in our house and they will not “die” as “real” flowers do.

0049Taylor Ryan Wedding0038Taylor Ryan Wedding

We chose to have our reception at a restaurant (310 Lakeside in downtown Orlando) that did not charge a fee to rent the space. That was a serious God-send because frankly, our budget did not allow paying $1700-$2000+ just to rent a space, plus over $100 per person for food. Instead, we paid nothing to rent the space, paid about $27 or so per person for dinner, set our own cap on what we wanted to spend on alcohol, got the cake fee waived for having cake pops instead of an actual cake (that saved $1 per person for a cake-cutting fee), and got a complimentary champagne toast (as if we didn’t have ENOUGH champagne that day already!). Most receptions can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 after it’s all said and done — we did everything, including gratuity, for just over $3000. And I think our guests enjoyed themselves — or so they’ve said. (Now would be a great time to tell me if you did not. Feel free to leave a comment.)

0271Taylor Ryan Wedding0281Taylor Ryan Wedding

And of course, being the five-star-hotel-guru that I am, it was only appropriate that we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes the night of our wedding. We also saved a few hundred on that stay as well from using my awesome bridesmaid Kelly’s employee discount. (See, there are ways to do amazing hotels on the cheap. Stay tuned for more.) I really wanted us to have a “special” room that night with rose petals on the bed, champagne or wine in the room, etc., so I looked into having that added to our reservation but it turns out, that package was about $250 to add. So, I did what I knew could possibly work (just knowing the Ritz and their outstanding customer service), and I wrote on our reservation “notes” that it was our wedding night. That’s all. Just dropped a hint to see what would happen.

Sure enough, when we got up to the room, there were rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed, another bottle of champagne, and an arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries. Awesome. It could not have been a better ending to our already perfect day.


8 thoughts on “I Think It May Be an Appropriate Time to Announce…

  1. Loved reading this!! And I LOVE that just adding the note made the hotel staff decorate for you guys!! Our hotel staff didn’t even say “congrats” or anything, and we were still in our wedding attire! It was odd, they def had attitudes. Glad yours were so wonderful!!! Also I LOVE your bouquet, LOVE it.

      1. Haha I can imagine!! It was so weird. I have heard that about the hotel we stayed at though. In fact our sister in law decided to not stay there for their wedding night because of the poor customer service. Such a shame for such a beautiful hotel (the proximity in Greensboro, nc). Anyway, glad your experience was awesome!!

  2. Tay, you are so funny. I actually laughed out loud about the part about your dad was the only man in your life you never left you (but he can’t stand you either)! Typical Tay style–but you know your Uncle Kirk is another man in your life who will never leave you, as well as Ryan, and he actually can “stand” you, and even more than your auntie can (well, guess I’m thinking about the time you came to stay with us for 3 weeks when you were in 7th grade–hard time, hard Tay, but just all the more endearing to us!). I’m so glad, though, you’ve found love and happiness and a man who can not only “stand” you, but stand up to you when needed. And, FYI, your mom (and even Ryan’s mom) did an awful lot to help, so didn’t do it all “single-handedly”!!!

    1. What I meant by single-handedly planned was that I was researching, calling, and booking places and talking to people, writing the checks, etc. I didn’t hire a wedding planner or anything like that. Obviously I know the moms did a lot to help (as mentioned about the bouquets, for instance) but I was talking about the planning part — which most brides know can be stressful and difficult!

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