Welcome to the New Digs!

Welcome to my newest blog adventure. And, appropriately titled, this will be the most random collection of topics quite possibly ever. And for the first time, I really do not care. I want this blog to be freeing and creative for me. I want it to be an outlet for my thoughts and passions, and a place where I can share my weird obsessions or thoughts on things. Or maybe a picture or two. (Now that I have a DSLR, that makes sense actually.) I can’t single out this blog to one or two topics, such as fashion and dessert, or do-it-yourself projects and decorating, or fitness and food, or whatever it is people blog about. Murder Mysteries & Five Star Hotels, perhaps? Not together, of course.

Whatever; in any case… this will be an eccentric variety of thoughts. And it will be me. And that’s the most important, and liberating thing about this blog. I hope.

So, moving on.

In the last year or so, a lot as happened in my life. While being sadly rejected from my dream ivy league graduate school program, I’ve tried going about the journalism/writing career a different way. One that doesn’t include Columbia on my resume. So, I’ve done some freelance work. I’ve done some pro-bono work, and I’ve proudly gotten some paid gigs within the last couple of years. I’ve come a long way, but boy, I realize now that I sure do have a hell of a way to go. But whatever, I’m trying to embrace it. Not yet being a full-time writer at 25 isn’t the worst thing in the world.

To supplement my “starving artist” dream, for the last year I’ve been a waitress at a restaurant in the airport. A busy, literal cash-cow that does over 100 grand a week in sales. It was nice, I guess… meeting people and collecting business cards. And hearing people’s stories, and telling them my own in return. And most of the time, I made pretty good money. But damn, I was exhausted all the time. Minimum shifts were eight hours long… usually wound up being between nine to 11 hours start to finish. The days I had off, I spent laying around trying to get my energy back. That hardly worked because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. (Or should I say there just weren’t enough days off in the week?) Oh, I even had a blog about my waitressing career.

The Eighty Grand Waitress.

No, I did not make $80,000. My college education cost $80,000 over the course of four years, and after three years of holding that degree, the question I asked people for a living was simply, “Do you want refried or black beans with that?” Are you kidding me? Gag me.

I shared some of my stories on that blog, for one sole reason: people are funny. Much to my coworkers’ (and managers’) dismay, I was not “bitching about my job,” or “complaining about everything,” I was telling stories that I thought were funny. People are entertaining. Not the people I work with necessarily, but the people I serve. I had to make that blog private, though, because apparently once word got out that Taylor was blogging about her job, something had to be done to sabotage it. How typical of this line of work. I should have known.

Anyway, so I quit that job in January of this year. I now work from home for a MAJOR company that is currently on its way to taking over the world (literally, this is no exaggeration) and I am finally starting to regain my strength and my health. I miss having hundreds of dollars at my disposable every night at the end of my shift, but that’s about all I miss. I sort of miss human interaction, too. But there’s no amount of money that is worth my health and happiness. So, I took a pay cut, but got my sanity back.

And my time. Now I have time to write again, and read, and do things to enrich myself mentally and physically. So I’m back to writing. But not writing about writing, or waitressing, or things I think other people want to read. I’m writing about things I am passionate about and that’s just fine.


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