Second Dog-versary

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Cal!

Two years ago today, your daddy stopped by the shelter to pick you up on the way home from work. You rode on all-fours to my apartment in your daddy’s truck, and when I opened the door after I heard the knock, I saw you for the first time. Over the next three weeks of fostering you, I didn’t realize it, but I was falling in love with you as if you were my own child. When it was time to give you to the vet to have your heartworm treatment, I couldn’t bare the pain of never seeing you again. And so it was, that I adopted you as my own. The Lord brought you to me when I least expected it and I could have never imagined that I would love an animal as much as I love you. You’ve brought me so much joy, laughter, and sometimes embarrassment, but above anything else you’ve brought happiness to me. Your grandma was right when she told me, “All he wants to do is love, and be loved.” And that is you, Cal.

I love you so much and could not ask for a better, cuter dog!

Love, Your Mommy


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