My Senior High Prom Experience, inspired by ‘The Other Courtney’

This was me in my senior year of high school, when I believe I looked my best:

Would you believe me if, after seeing that picture, I told you that I have never, to this day, been asked to a dance (that would be homecomings and proms) in my life? Well, believe it. Because it’s true. No boy ever asked me to homecoming, no boy ever asked me to prom. The reason? Who knows. (Boys who knew me back then, please, enlighten me, because I would love to solve this mystery) But once prom season approached, I started panicking as I realized: I may not get asked to prom.

Sure enough, the months and weeks went by during my second half of my senior year and as of March 30, I still had not been asked to the dance set to take place on May 7. I can’t recall how I started talking to Ray, but we had taken a slightly-more-than-friends interest in each other during the second half of the year. Ray was, at the time, a junior at my high school and also attended the same church. He had always been popular with the girls, but for some reason, he started showing me attention and I responded. He had met my parents at church a few times and my mom was thrilled that “finally, a Christian boy was paying attention to me.” She threw out the suggestion that I ask to him to prom, and I laughed in her face. Me, a girl, ask a guy to prom? Ha. Then my friends reminded me that if I wanted to go with him, I would have to ask him because it was my prom, and I was the senior, not him. The unspoken rule of prom-asking states that someone who is not a senior cannot ask another senior to their prom. Therefore, it was in my hands. Excellent. I had hardly even been on a date at this point in my life, let alone did I have experience asking any boy anything. Tick tock. Time was running out.

Ray and I would usually walk out to the parking lot together after school. We’d talk about our days and he’d occasionally hold my hand and hug me goodbye. We hadn’t gone on any “dates” at this point, but I was waiting for the opportunity to ask him to prom before someone else took my chances of even going to prom away from me. After chickening out one Friday after school, I asked him if I could stop by his house after work (in my Panera get-up, of course) because we needed to talk and it couldn’t wait. (Excellent, I know) So, the story went down like this, as archived in my very own journal dated April 2, 2005:

wow um, so today … was quite a day. after blowing two chances i had clear in front of me … i finally did it. i asked a guy to prom. holy freaking cow dude, i’ve never been so nervous in my entire life. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! so it was by far the scariest thing i’ve done in my entire life. so we were sitting there, outside on the truck for a while talking about mindless stuff, and then he’s like, “soooo … you said you wanted to talk to me. what was it about?” and i was like, “oh. um. that. yes…” and i bit my lip b/c i couldn’t think of anything to say. that, and my stomach was FILLED with butterflies. i felt like i was gonna throw up dude, i saw it happening. so i just sat there … not saying anything, looking up at the tree tops … b/c i was so freaking nervous, my palms were like waterfalls, my mind was going in about ten different directions and i was scared out of my freaking skin. so finally i was like, “so…i don’t want to go to prom with kyle. i don’t like kyle … like that. i don’t want to go with him. and, it’s not like i ask guys to the prom everyday. and it’s not like i get asked to the prom everyday, sooo … i think that…” and he was like, “you want to go to the prom with me?” and i was like, “yes. will you go to prom with me?” and he was like, “yes, i will. i just have to ask my mom…” then my mouth dropped and i was like, “…do you think … she would say yes?” and he was like, “yeah, i’m pretty sure she will.” and BAM. the butterflies were gone. nervousness almost gone.

So I came home and did a face similar to this one:

Ray and I started seeing each other more, going out on some dates in his ridiculous, over-the-top, pimped-out silver Mustang. It was a fun car to ride in, but it was rather embarrassing sometimes that he insisted on backing in to every last parking space, including the first time we went to Steak-N-Shake. This continued for about a month or so, and then things between Ray and I started to go downhill. Little did I know what was in store for us, having prom just around the corner. I remember nearly calling off having him as my date, but I decided to stick it out since I had been the one to ask him, and we already had everything paid for–tickets, reservations, dresses, tuxes, hair appointments, and so fourth. But little did we know what was in store for us on that lovely evening…

Scoping out possible picture spots the morning of prom

…to be continued.

10 thoughts on “My Senior High Prom Experience, inspired by ‘The Other Courtney’

  1. Poor beautiful Taylor! I hate that any of your guy friends did not even step up to the plate–and you guys know who you are! You missed a chance of a lifetime!

    1. It’s okay–it’s not a big deal now, it is just funny now that we look back on it! I have a guy that is SO MUCH BETTER than any of those guys back then combined! 😀 Although Ty-lor did admit to me a year ago or so, “Taylor. WHY did we not go to prom together?! Biggest mistake, ever.” AGREED, Ty-LOR!

  2. Ohhh the memories haha. I actually wonder why Ty-lor didn’t take ME to the prom since I was the one completely dateless! haha. Silly kid, he took a sophomore that didn’t even go to our school 😛

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