Back to ‘Sweet Water’ Miami

I know it’s been almost two weeks since my last post, and I want everyone to know that I promise I was planning on doing a lot of blogging last week but… the beach, the pool, and the gym got in the way of my plans. However, I was able to interview, research, and write an article for my freelance job in record time while sitting on our ocean front patio that was, in fact, bigger than our hotel room.

This was my second visit to Miami (read about my first visit here) in my 23-years of living, this month marking my eighth anniversary of living in Florida. (Officially, I have now lived in Florida longer than anywhere else, four-fold!) My boyfriend got asked by his company to cover an operations position in the Miami office since a girl decided to take a vacation to the Greek Isles for two weeks. Of course, Ryan jumped at the opportunity and lucky for me, the jobless, I was able to go with him.

As you probably know, I am a serious sucker for all-things luxury. If I had the means to do it, I would be living “high on the hog” in every aspect of my life. (Some examples include penthouse condos, Christian Louboutins, and Chanel) I have been blessed to come across some amazing deals for five-star resorts in the last few years. (For Ryan’s birthday, I was able to take him to Naples and stay at the Ritz-Carlton for $115 a night!) And sadly, once you stay at a five-star resort, it is ridiculously hard to go back to even a mediocre four-star! Naturally, I told Ryan (jokingly) that I wanted us to stay at the Four Seasons in Miami since we had never stayed at one before and I’ve been bursting to try it. Of course, the rooms were upwards of $400 a night, so we quickly nixed that idea. However, one of my best friends just recently relocated to Miami from the Ritz-Carlton, St.Thomas, and her boyfriend is the Front Office Manager at the Eden Roc Renaissance Resort in Miami Beach. And that is where we stayed.

When we checked in, the front desk agent (whose name was also Taylor) said to us, “Wow, you got hooked up with this room. This is arguably one of our best rooms.” Ryan and I both said, “Cool!” and figured that like a lot of hotels, they probably say that to everyone who checks in. But when we got to the room, we soon realized she was not lying. WE GOT “HOOKED UP.” For a total of $84 a night, we were on a third floor, ocean front room with a gigantic patio that was extended further than even the penthouse rooms. We had a couch, a bed that felt like a cloud, a ceiling-rain shower, bathtub, and mini-fridge. Based on the prices for the basic rooms (with no balcony and a street view), which were $500 a night for the last two nights we stayed there, I am guessing this room usually goes for about $600 and this weekend (“Urban Weekend” evidently, ugh) probably was closer to $1000. And my unemployed self stayed there for $84, with Ryan, whose company paid for it all! (Side note: parking is also a mandatory valet fee of $35 a day. Never saw a bill for that either!) After six nights, when we checked out, our entire bill was $564.

I believe that no one could honestly say they don’t prefer luxury in their lives, but I also think that if you can pay less (or the same) for luxury as a Days Inn, Holiday Inn, or a luxury hotel that my family grew up with–The La Quinta, then it makes it completely worth it. Thank you again to Kelly and John for an amazing week!

The view from inside our room at the Eden Roc.
Standing on the edge of our balcony.
Where I spent a lot of my time--the infinity pool! I had never seen one in person.
Afternoons at the hotel bar--this drink was $20! Luckily Ryan's company gave us a 'per diem.'
Ryan and my sunburned self outside on the beach during one of our last nights.

7 thoughts on “Back to ‘Sweet Water’ Miami

  1. So glad you got to finally take a vacation, and lucky for you it cost you almost nothing! I wish it were that easy for the rest of us… Cut pics too!

  2. ughhh that sounds heavenly. I am a HUGE luxury-hotel person myself 🙂 I can’t believe that drink was $20!! What did it have in it shards of gold? So glad it looks like you guys had an amazing time!

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