To my love

Happy “Second One Year” Anniversary!

To my supportive, caring, and amazing man in my life, Ryan. I am beyond blessed to have you back in my life for one whole year. I am so happy to soon be able to start our new lives together in the next few years. I was the most miserable being without you for seven months, but now I truly count it all as joy. It was a trial that led you to believe I was on the one for you, and made me realize (very quickly) that you were the one for me. There is no other man that could make me a happier or a better woman than you. I am thrilled to celebrate the day we met again, April 15, 2010, with you tonight. You mean more to me than any amount of tears I could cry or words I could write. I love you.

“He is altogether lovely. This is my lover, this is my friend.” -Song of Songs 5:16


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