Characteristics of Healthy Relationships Series Introduction

In college, I majored in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. When I was in my junior year, I took a class focused solely on interpersonal communication. This class might as well have been a relationship class because a lot of what we discussed was how to communicate in relationships and the communication between men and women (which is quite a fascinating topic to study, I found). One of the chapters we discussed from our textbook was titled, “intimate relationships.” In my notes, the first section is titled “Characteristics of Healthy Relationships.” I know I’ve touched on these sometime in the past, typically just in a list form, but now I am going to start a series where each post will contain one out of 18 characteristics as described in my notes. I happen to agree strongly with a lot of these characteristics and will go deep into my personal thoughts on each one. Remember, not everyone has to agree with me or what I’m saying, because these are just my opinions and personal narratives of why I believe these should never be taken lightly in any relationship.

Stay tuned for part 1, the first characteristic that is undeniable: “healthy relationships are challenging.”


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