cat eyes [pages seven through nine, the end]

… continued from 2/12/2010 entry…

Then there was a day that changed my life forever. It was the day that she showed up into my life, my house, my yard. She was a lot bigger than me, had long white hair, blue eyes, and a pink nose. She walked up to the porch one day thinking she owned the place. I could see her through the storm door’s glass. No way was she intruding on my family. I saw the look on the little girl’s face once she saw this cotton ball outside. She immediately loved her. And much to my surprise—they fed her, which kept her coming back. She was friendly toward me, I guess. She never once growled, hissed, or anything. I was the one that would hiss and scream at her from inside the house. She would just sit there and I would tear her apart, as much as I could through the window. She started coming into the house once it got cold outside. The little girl would go inside, pick her up, and bring her straight up the stairs and into her room. I could hear her eating in there; that little cotton ball was eating my food. She slept in there sometimes too.

One day, I walked by the little girl’s room and I saw a shadow under the door. She was sitting on the other side of that door. So I figured I would remind her that this was my house, not hers, and there was no way she was ever going to live here, no matter who loved her. So I stuck my paws under the door. She batted at them. I took them away, she stuck her paws under the door and I batted at hers. Before long, we were screaming and hissing at each other and before we knew it—we had unhitched the door. And there we were. Face to face with each other. I launched onto her. There was no way this cotton ball was going to win. Big mistake, I forgot I had no front claws. She ripped out huge chunks of my fur with her claws that were still intact. It was flying everywhere and I was bleeding. Eventually, she gave up and walked down stairs. I was upset. She had won. From that day on, any moment I saw her, even if it was just her little pink paws under the door trying to start something with me, I made it clear who was here first. Me.

And so, as much as the little girl loved her, we had to leave her behind the next time we moved away. Too bad for her, I never liked her anyway. The new house we went to did not have stairs and not a whole lot of hiding places like the rest. But, there was a giant bowl of water outside, covered by a screen, and they let me go outside all the time. This place had lizards everywhere. I loved catching them and showing them to the mother or the little girl, and then swallowing the entire thing whole. I drank from the giant bowl of water, after all—that’s what it was there for, right? The water tasted weird, not like the water I would usually drink from my small bowl in the house. I had the mother feeding me all the time at this point, all I had to do was whine a certain way and she would give me a handful or two. I loved that food, it was so good.

I had gotten rather large in the years past, so they had to put me on a diet but even the diet food was good. As long as it was food, I was eating it. As much as I loved eating, one day I stopped wanting to eat so much. It felt like everything I ate was stopping in me and I had no room to eat anything else. It hurt to walk around. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me, so I lay down. The little girl, who had now grown to be bigger than the mother, lay down next to me. She was crying, telling me I was going to be okay but I didn’t understand what she was talking about. I just shut my eyes and tried to pretend the pain wasn’t there, but it only got worse. I eventually stopped eating altogether. The mother would set me in front of my dish and all I could do was lay down. She tried to get me to drink but I couldn’t even do that. Once I stopped drinking, she brought me to the doctor. The doctor looked at me and told the mother a few things. The mother started crying. I had never seen her cry before, except for when the dog was leaving with the father. She brought me home and all I could do was stay in one place. The little girl came home and saw me and started crying. The mother closed the door to her room and then I heard the little girl screaming. I didn’t understand what was going on; all I wanted was for this pain to go away.

Then, we went back to the doctor. The little girl, her mother, the little girl’s sister, and the father were all there. They had me sit on a cold table as they gathered around to pet me and say things. All of them were crying. The little girl was the one who could not even hold it together. She was crying so hard, I felt so bad for her.

Then, she was alone in the room with me and the doctor. She was looking at me, crying, and she said, “Princess, you are about to see Jesus. He is going to come and take you with him. And you will be with him forever. And you won’t be sick anymore. Soon, I will be with you. You are going to see Jesus soon, Princess. Okay? You are going to be fine. I love you so much.”

She was crying harder than I have ever seen her cry. Then, the doctor brought me into a room, and gave me a shot. And the little girl was right. I felt numb, closed my eyes, and I saw Jesus. He picked me up and carried me into a bright shining light, and we went through a gate. And there, right when the gate opened, were my three brothers, my mother, and the dog. They had all been waiting for me.

-Written summer 2008 for my ‘creative writing for english majors’ class at UCF


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